How’s that for a vague statement?  Let us clarify…

We design, build, rent and manage almost anything that fits our skills and expertise.

Our soft spot is old houses with good bones and using every square foot to its fullest potential. We pride ourselves on being aesthetically nimble and staying true to the notion that bigger is not better, and expensive is not the only option.

Creative and lasting solutions that deliver craftsmanship, beautiful aesthetics and integrated function…that is our goal with every project, big and small.


Designer | Girl on Ladder

I have a deep appreciation for a little blood sweat and tears. I am a dedicated DIY’er with formal training to back up my ‘let’s try’ moments.

Some would say I’m obsessed with figuring it out no matter what the format or subject.  They would be right.  I admit to my obsession, however, it makes me good at what I do so I wear it with pride.

My happy place is going on an adventure (literally and figuratively) and find the gems of life that could not have been planned or taught in any classroom.

Shop Master | Comedy Relief

I obsess over the details, planning and execution to bring the Sitka DIY projects to life.

Crafting the detailed solutions that allow moments of ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ to become realities both in physical and digital creations is what I do.

I also love to DIY but, as the shop master, I aim for less ‘blood and tears’ and opt for extra sweat instead.

The Assistants
We couldn’t do it without them

Every business has people you couldn’t do without.  Ours is no exception.

We have a team of people who surround us in business, life, and laughter to help us get things done.  No matter how odd or mundane the task, our support network are ready and willing to jump in.

Ok, sometimes we bribe them with food and drinks but they always come through in ways we can only begin to appreciate.


The true essence of our studio is in the approach, evolution of ideas,
planning, execution, and heart that go into every project.