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How’s that for a vague statement?  Let us clarify…

Our focus is interior planning, design and renovations in the Lower Mainland of BC, but we don’t limit our creativity to just the house next door.

Our skills lead us into all aspects of creative design in a variety of physical and digital mediums. We design, build, rent and manage almost anything if our skills and expertise are the right fit.


The true essence of our studio is in the approach, evolution of ideas,
planning, execution, and heart that go into every project.


When it comes to our design and creative philosophy we believe that the rules are only guiding principals to finding the perfect solution.  In other words we operate ‘outside the box’ but keep it close by for reference.


Our process focuses on crafting custom function layered with style that expresses the aesthetic heart and soul of our clients.

Listen > Gather > Create > Refine > Implement > Enjoy


Our approach is keep it simple. Simplifying the creative process and breaking down the overwhelming to-do list into manageable pieces both for ourselves and most importantly for our clients makes for a happier us, and you.

Our Clients

Our clients are unique, ambitious and open to our process of ‘let’s explore the possibilities’. Bringing ideas to the table is always welcome, but not required! They are keen to collaborate and let our our team lead them through the the evolution of their project.

Sitka Style

Our creativity is not specific to a pre-defined style.  Variety keeps us interested and learning.

We pride ourselves on being aesthetically nimble and staying true to the notion that bigger is not better, and expensive is not the only option.

Project Success

Sitka projects are successful when ‘wow’ is achieved through creative, custom and enduring solutions that deliver quality, aesthetic and integrated function…

on time and in budget.


MelissaDesigner | Owner
I have a deep appreciation for a little blood sweat and tears. I am a dedicated DIY’er with formal training to back up my ‘let’s try’ moments.

Some would say I’m obsessed with figuring it out no matter what the format or subject, and they would be right.  I admit to my obsession, but it makes me good at problem solving and good at what I do so I’ll wear it with pride.

I love to go on an adventure (literally and figurtively) and find the gems of life that could not have been planned or taught in any classroom.

AdamDesigner | Shop Master
As a animation artist and designer I obsess over the details, planning and execution to bring the Sitka DIY projects to life.

I craft the detailed solutions that allow our moments of ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ to become realities both in physical and digital creations.

I also love to DIY but, as the shop master, I aim for less ‘blood and tears’ and opt for extra sweat instead.

The Backyard Gang
The Backyard GangSounding Board
Designs are most successful with the input and critical eye of more than one person, so at Sitka, we have ‘The Backyard Gang’.

Backyard Gang = a group of creative professionals in either complementary or completely opposite disciplines from Sitka Studios designers.

With brutal honesty and a lot of kitchen island brainstorming we push the Sitka concepts (and designers) to take it that one step further.

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