Beam Me Up


This is a full recap of our beam replacement saga, written by Sitka's leading man...Adam.  (edited by Melissa because sometimes he rambles)  It spans a 3 week process of forms, footings, inspections, and beam replacement. Summary When you're buying a house, having it checked for any major structural issues is a no brainer. We did our [...]

Beam Me Up2017-03-25T00:43:26-07:00

Footings – Day 2


There are 3 footings and they are not small - 3’ x 3’ each. To cut and dig each of these took time since the soil beneath our house is full of giant rocks.

Footings – Day 22016-09-12T13:10:48-07:00

Ours vs Theirs


The previous owners left us their floor plan for the basement. I think our drawings are a little more detailed and planned than theirs, what do you think?

Ours vs Theirs2017-03-25T00:43:52-07:00

Making Changes at City Hall


After the plans examiner called on Friday to discuss some things he didn’t like with our drawings I decided I would head to City Hall first thing Monday to change the plans. The plans examiner thought I was a little nuts I think when I told him I was going to make the changes on [...]

Making Changes at City Hall2017-03-25T00:43:52-07:00