Moving forward with the Port Moody house we found with ‘good bones’ but in need a little (ok A LOT) of TLC.

A renovation concept has emerged to give us a base to work with for developing a realistic budget.  In order to achieve numbers for renovations that are ‘ballparks’ we can use round number estimates which would put a full reno (gut and redo) in the $200k range for a house like this.  To get a more accurate number we have come up with a rough idea of layout for the main floor and attic space so that we know how extensive the renovation will be.  In this case…it is extensive.

The Major Reno Highlights:

  • The main floor plan currently has the attic stairs going up towards the east side of the house which creates a lot of wasted space in the attic.  To fix this we have turned the stairs 180deg to go towards the west putting the landing in the attic more in the centre of the home.  This gives usable space on both sides of the attic instead of only one side.
  • The kitchen has been relocated to the opposite corner of the home to give visual and physical connection to the backyard from the kitchen and living space.
  • walls have been removed for an open concept plan; support beams will be needed thus an engineer will be included in the planning phase.
  • a mud room/laundry room has been added to the back entry area
  • the master bedroom has been located in the front corner of the house at the base of the stairs to the attic, complete with a master bath
  • the attic has been divided into 3 spaces – 2 small kids bedrooms and a slightly unconventional ‘family’ bath with a lot of counter space, storage for kids toys and bathing needs.