Subject Removal Part 3inspection cartoon

The townhouse was inspected this weekend…all came back fine as far as we know.  As the seller the inspection isn’t for our benefit it is for the buyers so the report goes to them.  We didn’t get any phone calls about ‘issues to be discussed’ so we are assuming the report was good.

In the last week we also had to produce all of the strata documentation for the sellers which, for people who are fairly organized should have been easy, not so much the case.  You see, we don’t like to keep paper hanging around when we have things electronically but when the strata manager is slacking on the email lists then those electronic files can get a little useless.

After a phone call and a few emails we managed to get the strata minutes and all in order.  We had to order a Form B though.  What is a Form B you ask.  Well, it is a piece of paper that says your account with the strata is up to date, what unit you own, and if you have any additional property (like a storage unit or parking space) and that is about all…for a total fee of $35 you can be told information you already know and have.  Sigh.  Make work administration but I suppose it has a purpose, we just don’t see it at the moment.

Also, when the Form B arrived it was actually wrong but that is just a beef with our slacking strata.  “Parking Spaces – 0″…uh…no that is incorrect.  Another email back to the strata manager had it sorted out but it was still a little annoying.