LED Globe String Lights


One of our more popular products this summer season…LED Globe String Lights!  Available for rent from Sitka Studios for events, weddings, fundraisers or any other festivities indoors or out.  Greater Vancouver is loving the economical light rentals from Sitka Studios.

Up to 1000 feet of LED Globe String Lights available for rent for your special events or weddings.

  • The LED bulbs are a warm white colour.
  • Each string has 25 individual globe lights spaced approx 1 foot apart.
  • Each string is 25 feet long.  We have a total of 40 strings available which equals 1000 feet of lights.
  • Each string has a plug at each end.  You can connect all strings together on one outlet without worry of overloading electrical circuits as these are LED bulbs with very low power usage.
  • The globes are made of plastic with a small LED bulb inside making them less fragile for set up and take down.  They can break but are less fragile than their glass counterparts.

Only $6.50 / 25ft String

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