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Melissa Sera in Coquitlam, BC on Houzz

Past and in progress work including photos, plans, concepts and renderings. 


MJ Reno


This renovation touched almost every corner of the house. Originally built in the early 90's, this beautiful farm house style 2 storey was in desperate need of a facelift. The most dramatic change is the connection to the backyard entertaining space from the moment you step in front door.



When there is no space inside for a work space and storage zone then why not build a backyard structure. This SheShed was born out of necessity for a small business owner who had an ever growing stock of products to store and the need for a place to call her own work zone.


Roderick Reno

A true fixer upper, the Roderick Reno is the stuff some people's renovation nightmares are made of...but not for Sitka. This 1940's bungalow with a full basement was owned by some slightly neglectful and well intentioned DIYers who simply did not do this cute little place any justice.


Edgar Office

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A poorly utilized room becomes a bright and productive home office for a young couple. With a custom built desk and shelving this small bedroom, which previously housed a bunch of left over furniture and desks and on occasion guest sleeping quarters, has transformed to become the centre of many late night creative powwows.


A Swift Flip

A run down rancher get's a much needed facelift from the Sitka team. This 1970's single storey home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac in Mission, BC. Prior to the renovation it was with out a doubt one of the less desirable homes on the street with little curb appeal, large overgrown tress, and no 'welcome home' vibe.


Dozer Bed


The Dozer bed is a uniquely themed bed and storage centre for children graduating to a 'big boy/girl' bed. There is storage for toys, clothes, or whatever you or your child desires. Made of MDF and plywood this unit is solid for both sleep and play.


MOD Crib


The MOD Crib is modelled after a sleek and simple luxury brand crib. With modern style and clean geometric lines this MDF/Birch Plywood construction will fit with a variety of decor styles seamlessly without breaking the bank.




The Scooter-Doo, a ski-doo themed scooter for the toddler generation. With an adult assist pole for the tiny tots and smooth running casters the Scooter-Doo is perfect for indoor or outdoor play.


Maddy’s Frame


This project features a custom frame made from recycled cedar fence boards and personalized with the name of the new baby. The rustic fence boards were left in their original weathered state to add texture and character.


Student Studio

With the price of housing in Greater Vancouver being one of the most expensive in the country alternative solutions for young adult children must be found. In a home in Maple Ridge we carved out a 'Student Studio' out of two small bedrooms.