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Problertunities and Brainstorming


Dyson's disdain for brainstorming got me thinking, when I get into designing (anything really) where is my creativity coming from?  After some reflection I have to say, all of my creative moments are direct response to things in my surroundings that I feel could be way more functional/efficient/aesthetically pleasing etc. My husband taught me a [...]

Problertunities and Brainstorming2017-03-25T01:34:52-07:00

Tiny Houses + Construction Industry


Builders might not be jumping on the bandwagon but the market is making it clear. Smaller, more affordable housing, simplified lifestyles and financial freedom are hot topics. Tiny houses (the kind on wheels) might not be the right solution for everyone but well designed compact housing with an equally compact price tag would certainly appeal [...]

Tiny Houses + Construction Industry2017-03-25T00:43:22-07:00

Living Small – Duttons Article


It is no secret that we believe in small, affordable housing options.  We regularly read articles about housing, real estate, design etc and often we find very interesting points of view in the media. So, what are we really sacrificing by living in smaller homes? This article does a great job of outlining how a [...]

Living Small – Duttons Article2015-12-15T17:26:38-08:00

Favourite House Listing Phrases


Today on Ellen there was a clip about her favourite house listing 'misleading' phrases that are commonly seen when people are trying to sell homes with interesting 'features'.  Here are a few of the descriptions and illustrative photos to show what we have encountered ourselves when house hunting. Side Note: These photos aren't of the [...]

Favourite House Listing Phrases2017-03-25T00:43:25-07:00

Beam Me Up


This is a full recap of our beam replacement saga, written by Sitka's leading man...Adam.  (edited by Melissa because sometimes he rambles)  It spans a 3 week process of forms, footings, inspections, and beam replacement. Summary When you're buying a house, having it checked for any major structural issues is a no brainer. We did our [...]

Beam Me Up2017-03-25T00:43:26-07:00

Footings – Day 2


There are 3 footings and they are not small - 3’ x 3’ each. To cut and dig each of these took time since the soil beneath our house is full of giant rocks.

Footings – Day 22016-09-12T13:10:48-07:00

New iPhone6!


My previous phone was on its last leg so I broke down and bought a new iPhone6...and of course tested out the slow mo video!

New iPhone6!2017-03-25T00:43:51-07:00