While I got dirty with the pipes Adam stayed a little cleaner in the garage with a hair cut, wiring and beam repairs.

The previous owner had notched out the biggest beam in our garage roof structure to install a shabby little garage door opener.  When we ripped out the old door we put a temporary support on the beam made of a 2×6 to ensure that it wasn’t going to get worse.  Adam didn’t approve of this as a long term solution so he made a metal plate and bolted it on with 2.5″ lag bolts.  It is now Adam approved.

The beam itself isn’t really an issue despite its less than whole state.  There is no down force on this beam from the roof, its main purpose is to hold the walls of the garage together so it doesn’t collapse like a house of cards.  The roof structure is hand framed (old school) so it doesn’t act the same as a truss be

We have decided not to re-install a garage door opener at the moment mostly because we don’t NEED one.  Our garage is our workshop, there aren’t cars going in an out on a regular basis so the opener would be more of a luxury at this point.  We will put one in later I’m sure but we will NOT notch the beam again.  We will instead install it on a slight angle so that the track site below the beam instead of right through it.  Perhaps the old owner should have given this method a try.