It was a whirlwind week but in the end…we bought the house!  (holy crap what have we done!?!)

Ok so lets back track a little.  Earlier this week (Monday) a new listing popped up just hours after we gave up on the last potential property.  This new place looked intriguing, its a house style and era we are familiar with, fairly predictable floor plans and hurdles for renovations but awesome little houses.  We wrote a quick post about it here>https://www.sitkastudios.com/one-door-closes-another-opens-roderick/

The most intriguing part to this new listing was the price.  For some half a million dollars seems outrageous for a fixer upper and we agree BUT we live in Great Vancouver and here you pay good money for the privilege to renovation the biggest purchase you will make for many many years.

We knew at this price it wouldn’t be around for a long time so we jumped right on it.  On Wednesday our Realtor took me (Melissa) to see the house to make sure it was something we would be interested in.  Yes Yes Yes, this one is loaded with potential (and a lot of stuff! Holy cow they have a lot of possessions!)

On Saturday the second half of Sitka (Adam) was able to come out and view the property with me and basically we knew this was something we needed to offer on.  That night we discussed our offer and first thing Sunday morning it was official, we had put in our bid on a fixer upper.

After a little back and forth we came to an agreement with the owners on a price and our offer was accepted!  Now…we need to get this place inspected and sell our townhouse…oh dear!!