Our building permit! Fantastic!

Today I received a call that our building permit is ready to be picked up.  Finally!

The phone message also stated we owed $3600! Yikes.  After having a minor heart attack I called City Hall to clarify the price tag assigned to our permit since I had calculated our cost to be around $800-$1000.  Thankfully, I learned (quickly before getting worked up) that the extra costs were some prepaid utilities and a damage deposit of $2500 that is refundable. Thank God!

Here is our permit (look left)…complete in a City of Coquitlam baggie.  It looks pretty boring to be honest, just a bunch of white paper in a plastic bag but to us it is the best thing ever!

Now that the panic attack is over…let’s review the time frame for getting this permit.

Date Action (or lack there of)
September…November Drawing up Plans –  back and forth with the Engineer to tweak our design
November 12 Drop off permit at City Hall
December 5 Get phone call to address a few alterations the plans examiner wants to see on the plan
December 8 Go to City Hall to make changes to plans – resubmit for second review.  Also, get told that the ETA for permit is unclear as it is Christmas.  Uh…its December 8th (not Christmas!) but I will soon learn they weren’t kidding.  Sigh!
December 31 Still nothing (Jeopardy theme playing in the background)
January 3 Still nothing (insert crickets sounds and an empty country road scene here)
January 5th January 5th – phone call…permit is ready! Yay!
November 12 Drop off permit at City Hall


So, it is game on now.  Time to set our beam installation date, order our heating stuff, windows, and get that chimney down.