Disclaimer…this is a venting post.  Frustration must get out..commence blog venting.

My faith in the building inspector relationship being a smooth road has been shaken dramatically after today’s inspection.

Side note: Footings passed but the inspector came so late that we are now going to be a week delayed. I wasn’t here for the visit but our Contractor called me right after annoyed and fuming about how Coquitlam needs to take some lessons from other cities.

Apparently…today was a different inspector than yesterday (yesterday’s guy was great) and today’s inspector is unfortunately THE inspector for our project and he was not exactly what I would call on the same page. He flat out told our Contractor that “we

[inspectors] all hate coming out to this area….its just not an area we like to do site visits…its so dark and not nice.” WTF!?!? You are talking about my home! Did you really think my contractor wasn’t going to tell me that you said that?!?

He also tried to bring up a bunch of code issues with our Contractor that:

  1. are not relevant to the footings or structural work despite our Contractor telling him repeatedly that his only involvement in the job was the structural so he would have to discuss the other stuff with me. He wasted like 30 minutes of our Contractor’s time and
  2. the code issues he was harping on are not relevant to this project which makes it perfectly clear to me that he is not familiar with the actual plans/drawings for this project which are on his desk…not familiar…AT ALL! If he had even looked at them for 2 seconds we would have seen that this is a SECONDARY SUITE. It is written on it…in big print!

He also showed up at 2:30 for an inspection schedule for the ‘morning’.  Our Contractor called the city to ensure he was coming today and received an extremely rude response from the building department front desk…twice! (our Contractor was also not cool with that and was a little taken back by the rude treatment)

I guess that is why they state they do not guarantee a morning or afternoon inspection…sigh…politics!  Oh, how I am going to fume about this one until Monday. I am going back to City Hall first thing to discuss with the inspector the ‘issues’ he was bringing up (#ceilingheight #buildingcode9.36 #Ididmyhomeowrk) so that we aren’t in the position to have:

  1. ridiculous inspection results (failing for no reason at all) and
  2. to see if I can be nice and convincing (#smilelikeyoumeanit) to get him on the same page as us.  I don’t need a pissy attitude coming here every time and so he can be rude to me…and the trades. Not cool!

Ugh. I should drink now. (cue bottle of wine