This week was all about getting up close and personal with our drain tile pipes.


First we had the plumber come out with the camera and depth locator to figure out where some of these drain pipes go.

We learned that our drain tile does go out to the road…but we couldn’t get the camera far enough to see if it connects to a storm sewer.  At least it is going away from the house and the neighbouring houses…this is a step in the right direction.

We also learned that there is one corner that seems to be collapsed, we will try and clear it but we might need to do some pipe reduce work there or find an alternate solution.

The plumber also checked out our main sewer line which looks fantastic! Yay for 70 year old pipes!



After the plumber visited we decided to embark on a pipe cleaning mission for the drain tiles.  The first step was to get the hose and the high pressure sprayer and break up some of the dirt in the pipes.  Then we cleared out debris and did a little drain snaking to get out any roots and leaves.  There was a fair amout of roots that came out of the drains…a few of them looked like giant rats being pulled out but don’t worry…they were all plant based roots.  No wildlife was harmed int he cleaning of our pipes.

I felt like I was birthing a cow a few times with my rubber gloves elbow deep in the pipes…it was…’amusing’.