Step one of the Edgar Office design and build was the closet storage system, the ‘work center’.  After some discussion on ‘what part first?’ and a look around at the office things that were starting to take over the house it was decided that creating storage for these items first would be the most logical way to proceed.

The closet system consists of 3 MDF shelving units  and 2 wall mounted wire shelves.   The MDF shelves are a Sitka DIY project which after being completed were slid into place and then secured to each other for stability and saftey.  For ease of access to the closet storage and work centre the doors have been removed and stored in the garage so they can be re-installed if/when the house is sold.

The middle shelving unit houses a large opening for the sizeable printer, 11 x 17 printing was a must for this office and as such a large space for printing equipment was a must.  Below the printer is an adjustable shelf which currently houses 2 Ikea drawers with craft supplies and then one shelf down are 2 filing drawers (also Ikea) to hold hanging files for easy organization of the important papers.

The shelving units on the left and right have adjustable shelves to accommodate a variety of office related items such as paper, books, binders etc.  Each is taller than the middle shelf but leaves enough space on top to hold some smaller items below the lowest wire shelf.

On the lowest of the two wire shelves wicker baskets are used to house craft and office supplies that is used regularly.  The baskets keep the contents covered keeping a cleaner look to the closet system.  A second wire shelf was added above to give some long term storage space for the items that are necessary yet not needed day to day.  Clear plastic bins were purchased to allow for storage up top with easy viewing of the contents.

The shelves are all made of MDF with Melamine Edge Banding.  These materials were chosen for their simplicity and cost effectiveness.