Step two of the Edgar Office design build was the desk, tall shelf and wall shelf for the main office area.  All 3 pieces are custom designed to fit the space and needs of the owners.

The desk is a 10′ long unit designed for 2 people with an integrated pedestal, rolling task desk, components storage and USB/Power station.  It is made to look built-in however it is actually free standing, supported by the left side storage, pedestal in the middle, and a slim gable on the right.  The desk top is made of MDF covered with a white laminate for durability and cleaning with a pine frame on the underside for strength and mounting points.

The pedestal is an upcycled unit which  was cut down to fit under the desk.  It received a coat of paint, custom drawer fronts and sleek new handles.  The top drawer is customized to house a USB hub which is plugged into the main computer at all times and charging station for electronics.  The drawer front has hidden grooves in it so the charging cords don’t interfere with opening and closing.

An integral part of the office design is the rolling task desk.  Embedded in the pine frame on the underside of the main desk is an aluminum track for the task desk.  This track holds the task desk up and level while keeping it in line as it rolls on casters from one end of the main desk to the other.  This unit can be placed anywhere along the 10′ length to provide additional surface for either person working at the desk or a collaborative meeting table between the two.  When not in use the task desk tucks neatly into the left side return and provides added visual interest to the mostly white desk structure with its contrasting colour. 

The wall shelf takes advantage of the corner position in the room with 3 stepped shelves of open display and a closed storage cabinet to hide office essentials.  There is lighting installed on the top of the cabinet to provide general ambient light for the room as well as a strip LED light hidden on the underside for task lighting.

The last piece to the main office area is a tall shelving unit which flanks the right side of the desk and window.  This also has open display shelves which are adjustable in height as well as a lower closed storage for the paper shredder, modem, and hard drive backup system.  The wiring for these items is integrated into the design so that cord mess is kept out of sight for a clean look.  This shelf also has lighting installed on the top of the cabinet to provide general ambient light.

The integrated lighting appears in two locations.  There is an under cabinet LED hidden behind a small pine strip on the wall cabinet.  A fun feature of this LED lighting is the colour controller.  With a turn of the dial the LEDs can be changed to any colour under the rainbow. The second light source is above cabinet ambient light from 3 halogens placed on top of the shelving.  These are controlled by a single switch within easy reach of both seats.