We have collected a list of the interesting facts from the first month of owning, cleaning, demolishing and moving into this fixer upper. In no particular order:

  • it took 6 gallons of Kilz primer and 6 gallons of paint to seal up the walls and ceilings from smelling like 70 years of smoke
  • we used 4 litres of TSP to clean this place….the bathroom took 6 hours alone (omg it was terrible)
  • we rebuilt part of the wall of the garage to be able to install a proper door to the storage room…and found 2 carpenter ant nests. That was fun! (insert extreme sarcasm here)  Those things are huge! We seemingly have killed them and deterred new nests but will have to keep an eye on it come spring since they re-nest around the end of march
  • we have demolished everything non-structural in the basement and cleaned out all the debris and it looks so much bigger and different.  Its awesome.  Mom was in there with the sledgehammer…and then she hit Adam with it (by accident of course) so she is cut off now
  • the record so far for trips to the dump in one day is 5…held by Adam and dad
  • the record for number of contractor meetings/visiting in one day is also 5….held by me
  • the energy testing guy chuckled a few times when doing the assessment…we will do well with draft proofing! ahahahahaha leaky little sieve this house is
  • we have removed enough cable and random wires from the exterior of this house to outfit an entirely new house…and they were all going to nothing…yep…all cut wires traipsing through the house both inside and outside.  So odd!
  • the washing machine leaks but I solved that with a little help from my friends liquid rubber and ice cream pail
  • the dishwasher decided this week it wanted to quit and get a new job as a drying rack so that is also fun

And that is just month 1!  More to come…many many many more!