Yesterday the footings got off to a good start but it was a slow process…for a few reasons.

First – There are 3 footings and they are not small – 3’ x 3’ each. To cut and dig out each of these took a little bit of time since the soil beneath our house is full of giant rocks. Most of them were small enough to take out but there were a few rather large ones that are staying in.

Second – There is a drain tile line that runs from the front of our house to the rear right down the middle. This line is literally on the edge of our footings…and some of it is totally collapsed. There was some added time to replace the collapsed areas of the drain tile so that we can have proper drainage of the ground water under our house. Dry house = good house.

Third – Between the inspector and the engineer they want to see things a specific way which isn’t always the most logical from a building stand point but is necessary for structural integrity. There were a few changes needed later in the day to satisfy the engineer so he would sign off on the footings. Luckily he gave us the go ahead at the end of the day.

Which means, today, they are tidying up the footing forms and rebar, and then waiting for the inspector. We are hoping he comes early in the day today…but…you never know.

After the inspector signs off they can mix and pour the concrete for the footings and then we wait…again…but this time for them to cure to achieve maximum strength before we put the entire weight of our house on them. We will be waiting a week for this…