We have friends who lives in an older 1940’s house in Vancouver with 3 kids, 2 parents, and a very busy home based business with employees coming and going.  The main floor of the house has all the necessities; bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living, dining, and stairwells…but where to put the laundry??

The washer and dryer live in the semi-finished basement which also houses one more bedroom, a playroom and storage for the business. The basement is a highly used area of the house but is fairly informal.  The stairs are typical of older homes, steep, wood, and occasionally a little slippery.

The Dilemma

The house is a little smaller so main floor living is at a premium.  The laundry didn’t have a place to live so it always ended up being tossed down the stairs to a basket that lived at the bottom.  Not a big deal except the clothing often only made it down a few steps only to be kicked or walked over until someone put it in the basket or in the washer.  Not ideal with kids and adults going up and down the stairs all day long (can we say slipping hazard!), not to mention the feeling of clutter that it created for the family.

Our Solution

A DIY friendly laundry chute that hugs the under side of the upper staircase and empties directly into a basket at the bottom of the stairs.