Laundry How To (Roderick Style): 

  1. See water leaking…correction…flowing…from under the washer
  2. Lift washer and find giant crack in plastic drum, yes, the one that holds the water IN!
  3. Ponder a bit, mumble a bit, get frustrated a bit
  4. Go to Home Depot and buy liquid rubber concoction that probably won’t work but buy it anyway
  5. Spray liquid rubber all over the bottom of the washer and let dry for 24 hours
  6. Turn on water…wait…get agro at washer for still dripping (just a little drip but still!!!  Get agro!)
  7. Repeat step 5+6…4 more times
  8. Take small ice cream bucket and firmly wedge it under the washer directly below said drip in the under side cavity of the washer
  9. Put load of dirty rags in washer
  10. Wait 45 minutes for load to finish
  11. Rejoice that you beat that leak with a can of liquid rubber and an ice cream pail!
  12. Buy a new washer so you can feel less ridiculous while doing laundry

The Winning Combination!