While picking up a few things are the HD stumbled upon a pretty enticing tool…the manly saw…aka a Milwaukee 12″ Sliding Mitre Saw. ( oh and yes we go Home Depot so often these days we have abbreviated it in our daily lives to HD.  That’s when you know you own a fixer upper)  I was at the store with mom and dad (still on their staycation) and just had to snap a pictures and send it to Adam.  He had been talking about this saw…looking up reviews…agonizing over buying one…so I sent him a pic.  The price was seemingly low, very low, at least compared to my recollection of Adam’s pondering and weighing the cost vs return of getting one, AND….this one came with a free stand.  Could this be true?

I was skeptical, so was Adam.  He thought I was mistaken, then he thought HD was mistaken.  We went home and met Adam there after work (his work) and discussed for a short time.  Then like true DIYers we went to HD at 9:30pm on a Monday night to inspect this awesome deal.  There was suspicion that it was the ‘older’ less awesome model but we had to go and look for ourselves.

Needless to say when we got there and had a second look there was a moment of pause and then a moment of ‘START THE CAR….START THE CAR!’ (flashback: Ikea commercial for those who don’t get it)  We found a cart, found the saw and free stand, paid, and sped home to unpack it.  By 10:35 pm we had it set up in the garage and Adam was making the inaugural cut!



For those who are curious we bought the Milwaukee 12 In. Dual Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw 6955-20 + Stand