Our mudroom was not painted during our initial clean up of the main floor and thus it still looked and smelt like a nasty neglected old house. I’m not sure why we didn’t deal with it initially but after a few months going in and out of the rooms every day it was evident it needed to change.  Adam was not happy with his puffy vest smelling like ‘an ash tray’ to quote him exactly.

We started with another can of Kilz primer…that makes 7 cans of Kilz for the main floor to be less smokey and more clean looking.  I got to painting the room while Adam took to the garage to make a little bench for us to sit on.  I also bought a small roll of outdoor rug that was on sale at Home Depot to cover the floor since there was cracks to the outside through the floor boards.  Finally we put on a new weather strip on the door since the gap under it was big enough for a human to crawl through. (kidding, but it was letting in a lot of cold air!)

It was only a few hours of work to do 2 coats of paint and the bench…the result…a much more livable mudroom (for now).  We will tear it apart and add custom storage later when we get to the main floor renovation.