A poorly utilized room becomes a bright and productive home office for a young couple.  With a custom built desk and shelving this small bedroom, which previously housed a bunch of left over furniture and desks and on occasion guest sleeping quarters, has transformed to become the centre of many late night creative powwows.

The left over furniture was donated to make room for a Sitka DIY built desk measuring 10 ft long with 2 workstations.  Each station has easy access to a shared drawer unit which houses a USB hub connected to the main computer and a charging station for accessories (iPhones, iPads, Laptops) and 3 drawers of office essentials.  There is a task desk which slides out from the ‘L’ shaped return on the left that can be used by either station, or both.  This task desk os mounted on floor casters and a smooth track embedded into the underside of the desk.  When not needed the task desk tucks neatly out of sight.

The office storage is rounded out with a wall mounted cabinet with 3 floating shelves for open and closed storage and display, a tall shelving unit with an electronics cubby for the modem, hard drive backup station and paper shredder, and a complete closet shelving system for all the other office supplies and electronics. On the wall opposite the the desk is a slim line unobtrusive white board made of an up cycled shower door and 2 wood brackets.  This glass board provides plenty of creative brainstorming space as well as a home for the ever growing ‘honey-do’ list.


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