Some might say that a tub is a tub.  Until recently I would have agreed but I learned something after moving into this fixer upper.  All standard tubs are not created equally.  Case and point…

We currently have no heating in this house (took the furnace out…will explain in another post) and so our only heat comes from space heaters that we have set up in a few rooms.  The basement is completely gutted which means there is no insulation down there.  Why am I telling you this?  Because it makes my tub lesson clear.  We have the original steel tub in this house still…1940’s heavy steel.  With no heat…and no insulation below it…  For those who can’t imagine what a giant piece of steel feels like as the winter temperatures set in please let me paint you a picture…its REALL REALLY cold!

So my lesson in tubs is this…while the old steel tubs are often lovely and full of character, they are massive drains on the energy bill.  The almost boiling hot water that we have been putting into the tub to have a bath is barely enough to bring the metal up to a reasonable temperature never mind having a nice hot relaxing bath in it.

Now I know this is a pretty extreme example of how old steel tubs drain the energy bill but at this moment I just needed to share my story (and cold feet) with someone.