This week mom and dad are on vacation so guess what they are going to be doing…??


With mom and dad here for 6 days we got a lot done….here is the quick list:

  • fixed the fence that fell over in the wind storm
  • dismantled the fireplace in the living room
  • installed a new garage door
  • built a new workbench for the shop
  • finished up the garage insulation, plywood, painting and tool installation
  • removed the stump from the driveway
  • broke up some test holes in our basement slab where new footings need to go
  • set up our Sitka office (finally)
  • cleared the drain on the patio



Dad woke up and as he stood at the kitchen window he noticed the fence…on the ground.  Sheesh…it must have been windy.  The fence has been a concern since we bought the place since the posts are not cemented into the ground.  Yes that is right, dig a hole and just shove a post in it and it will stand up….right?!? (WRONG)  We weren’t sure if the fence would hold up until next year…it didn’t.  So in an effort to buy us some time we temporarily resorted the fence and put in some more privacy pieces to block the walking path sight lines.



Mom has been itching to destroy the fireplace in the living room.  Apparently she really didn’t like it, good thing we are planning to relocate the fireplace to another wall and put in a gas insert instead of the wood burning.  There is something to be said for closing up an old chimney that looks like it should have burned the house down years ago.



When picking out a new garage door we wanted to get something clean and simple yet not boring.  We looked at a variety of garage door options and found the usuals, square windows, no windows, wood grain, industrial….but nothing really grabbed us.  Then Adam found the perfect door…yes…its perfect!



For the shop we wanted to have more workbench space so Adam made one (of course) and it is beautiful!



One of our goals has been to get the garage workshop up and running so we can use our tools easily while doing the rest of the renovation.  It has been a fair amount of work to get the garage finished as we really wanted to do it right. (Shocking)

This week we finished up the insulation, plywood and painting.  Got the benches built and installed and the tools and storage organized and put away.  The shop is by far the nicest part of the house now.



Our driveway as it stands is long and narrow…but there is room to go to a double width as long as we get a few obstacles out of the way.  One of those obstacles is a stump from a tree that was removed before we bought the house.  It sits near the edge of the driveway about half way in…we could have left it but I know one of use would hit is eventually.



We have been working with an engineer to figure out what is needed to raise the support beam in the basement to flush.  In order to complete this task we will need some new footings for new columns to support a much bigger beam.  Dad and I rented a jackhammer to break up some test holes in the floor slab so we could get an idea of the soil underneath.  Hopefully we will be able to get a soil test done to make sure we don’t need any extra reinforcement for this new beam.



We did a few other small things around the place this week too.  Mom removed the grate covering the drain in the patio to clean it out.  We tested out some landscape lights.  And of course finished unpacking our office and putting up a little paper shade for privacy until the new windows and blinds are ordered.