Week(end) #3 already!  We had a full crew here again including the backyard gang!  The weekend involved a little more painting and moving, demolishing, and making a fantastic roast dinner! Yes, a roast dinner in the middle of a move / fixer upper weekend, because that is how we do it at Sitka!

This weekend involved addressing our carpenter ant issues, demolishing our basement, moving out of our townhouse for good, and installing our office shelves in the new digs.


While they aren’t really everywhere we did find a second ant nest in the garage this week.  After last weekend we did a little research and learned a few things about these giant shiny evaders.  We learned of a few tricks to find them…

  1. knock on the walls and listen for ‘rain’.  Yes that’s right, they are soooooo big that when they are inhabiting your walls, if you disrupt them and cause them to stir you can actually hear them moving around.  It sounds like faint rain in the wall..terrible!
  2. look for sawdust around crevasses and openings.  These expert excavators will chew the wood in the structure (or tree) and then push it to the nearest opening to rid their nest of it.  You will see scatterings of very fine sawdust, or piles of it in the case of our garage.

We (I) went around the entire garage looking for sawdust and knocking on walls only to hear very loud rain sounds coming from the back corner of our garage.  ANTS! Frick!

We spoke with a professional in the pest control business and found out that we will need to be on high alert come spring when the ants re-nest, but that for now we need to protect the other buildings (the house!) with a perimeter of repellent and then open up the nest wall and kill kill kill.  Sounds terrible…but so does our garage falling down from the structure being compromised by carpenter ants.  We will kill in this instance.

We opened up the wall from the outside by removing the wood siding and exposed their nest.  We then had to cut out all of the chewed up 2×4’s and replace them and seal it back up.  We covered everything in things that I am sure would kill us if we inhaled it…good thing we had the right gear.



We had a bunch of little fixes and clean up to do around the house this weekend.  The overgrown yard still needed attention, the gutters were full of gunk, and the back entry mudroom needed a little something to cover the wall temporarily since it was just tar paper and shiplap…no one bothered to finish the wall off when they enclosed that porch…shocking!  We have come to learn that the intentions of pervious owners were great, their execution and handyman skills were NOT!



The basement of this fixer upper is the first area that will be renovated, and thus it is the first area to be demolished.  We wanted to reuse the plywood that is currently the subfloor so basement demo moved up a little in the schedule to this weekend so we could harvest materials.  The subfloor was not doing a very good job as a floor…so why no make it garage walls instead?



The office install began with the wall shelves…unfortunately that is all that really got installed!  It is a good start.



Roasts and dinner on the patio!