Just a quick update.  Its official…the buyers removed subjects on our townhouse…we removed subjects on the Roderick House…and just like that we are officially committed to buying and renovating our little fixer upper.

We take possession on the 3rd of September, thats about 7 weeks from now.  Not everyone gets that long to adjust to the idea of moving but for a number of reasons (none really ours but those of others involved in the grand scheme of things) we will be waiting.  There are a total of 5 houses exchanging hands  over the next 7 weeks so I suppose it is only fitting that we be patient and wait our turn.

Time to get the ‘real’ floor plans and budgets happening.  Off to work!

But wait! We almost forgot the deposit cheque!?! Yikes.  Ok get that to the realtor first…then off to work on plans and budgets!