8:00 am – (insert chain saw noise here) Today we awoke to the sound of chain saws.  I came to I realized the noise was coming from our front yard. “The trees are being cut down! Wow that was fast!”

8:01 am – (jumping out of bed) I couldn’t resist the urge to jump out of bed and peer out the window at the workers in the bucket truck cutting branches off the giant dead (yes it was very dead) tree in our front yard.

9:30 am – I left the house to hit up the gym (the circus arts gym but that is a story for another post). I took a few pictures of the progress as I left. Adam stayed home to guard our house from falling trees (or to play his flight simulator in our office…his slightly guilty pleasure while on a month long staycation)

1:00 pm – I arrived back home to see 1 of 2 trees gone and a giant trunk on the ground. It was HUGE. It looked bigger on the ground than in the air. Adam was home (in the office likely mid flight) when the trunk fell and apparently it felt like an earthquake.

The tree guys were gone at this point to an emergency call but they were coming back the next day to finish the job.

We aren’t proponents for removing trees however in this case we had 2 dead trees, 1 extremely tall, just waiting for a good storm to fall on our house…

It might never have happened we know, but when the tree is totally dead and decaying in your front yard, why take the chance. So, we contacted the city as it was actually on their property not ours, and after many months of emailing them (squeaky wheel gets the grease right) they took them down.

Meet our new tree...Stumpy!

Meet our new tree…Stumpy!