The previous owners left us their floor plan for the basement. I think our drawings are a little more detailed and planned than theirs, what do you think?





To be honest I have looked at this plan of theirs a number of times and I am still a little perplexed about the windowless bedrooms and where the stairs went?  That post in the middle of the drawing is the only thing that seems to make sense.

I’m a little disturbed that there was intent for bedrooms to be in the basement without windows.  How do I know they were not going to add windows…well…because there was already one of these 2 rooms constructed in the basement when we bought the house and it didn’t have a window.  As a matter of fact the exterior walls had been ‘finished’ and there was plumbing running horizontally across the wall where a window should have been so I know there was no intent to put in a window.  Sooooooooo unsafe.  Do not make bedrooms without egress windows!