Ok this is just me taking a picture with our new house…but the night we got the keys it was pouring rain and very dark so we didn’t take a picture.  I guess this will have to do.



FIRST TREAT (on the floor)

We couldn’t resist the urge to have ice cream and brownies on the floor of our new house with some good friends!  Adam just had to take a selfie…not sure if he really wanted us in the picture or not but there we are…with our treats!



EPOXY SAGA (just a summary)

See the Epoxy Saga…the full story!



We don’t usually fall into the ‘women vs. men’ habits but for this weekend we divided and conquered cleaning + prepping this place for a reno and move-in.  The ladies took the inside and cleaned the (insert inappropriate word) out of that house and the men took to the outside and tackled the garage/outside…you know…the manly stuff.  Here are our adventures in house renovations for this week…

THE LADIES…Cleaning and Patching Inside

THE MEN…Epoxy +Power Washing + Garage