The second week(end) of our fixer upper involved a little bit of everything.

  • Moving our office, garage, and then on a last minute decision the majority of our belongings
  • Painting the inside…and a few places outside
  • Fixing the garage wall – there was rot from an old water leak
  • Finding a free gift with purchase…our house came with Carpenters just not the useful kind
  • and…some fun and games

Here are the highlights from week(end) #2


This week is all about getting the main floor painted and ready for our stuff to move in.  It took 6 gallons of Kilz Primer…the heavy duty stuff…and another 6 gallons of paint to cover the interesting colour choices, stains and terrible smell emanating from the walls and ceilings.  By the end the house felt like a totally different place…almost nice.  (almost!)



The garage has a few places that were rotten from old leaks and a door to the storage room that didn’t really close…nor was it really a door but rather a slapped together make shift door.  Since we will be demolishing the basement we are going to reuse some materials from down there for our garage…like a door and some lumber.



So we found out this week that we have a free gift with the purchase of this place…carpenters…but not the building kind…the deconstruction kind.  Carpenter Ants.  Yay!

As we removed some old random insulation from the walls of the garage we found a carpenter ant nest.  A big nest.  They luckily had burrowed into the rigid insulation instead of the wood but nonetheless…they are an issue.  Adam and the Dads promptly vacuumed them up because the wall was a moving black mass and when you find yourself surprised by ants you reach for whatever you can.  After turning the shop vac into an ant eater we took it out back and committed mass ant massacre.

Unfortunately we know that were there are a few there are thousands, so this is not likely the end of our ant journey.  Time to go knocking on walls and listening for the scurrying of little legs.  Sigh.





In all fairness there were a few others around this week and weekend who helped us get things done but we didn’t get good pictures of them so…we will just pretend they don’t exist. (just kidding) Big shout out to the 4 little boys for excellent tree climbing and soccer and Darlene for sending food in her absence!



All work and no play…just sucks!